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How Can You Turn Failures into Opportunities

Parenting & Resiliency: The Overcoming Mindset vs. Self Sabotage

In life, oftentimes the greatest victories create the best version of your self-concept.  As you encounter life and the transitions that manifest from your growth, it can be an overwhelming experience. Of course, it's not easy tackling your old habits, thought process, or behavioral patterns. However, once you become intentional towards grappling your journey, motivation becomes your daily fuel.  It's okay to find yourself questioning the process, feeling uncertain or even lacking confidence during various seasons in your life. In the end, your emotions are a response to encourage you to remain progressive and well-balanced as a healthy individual. You will have many decisions to make that will expose your "value system" to a wide array of options. In those moments, remain grounded, clear and directly focused on your individual long term goal. It's true, life is a delicate balance that requires a variety of experiences to shape the best version of you on a daily basis.

Do you understand the investment you are making? In the beginning, you are learning how to train and teach yourself to grow and others. In the midst of your journey as a parent hold your head up high. In one day at a time, you strive to reach what feels like an uphill battle. Guess What! Parenting is fun, you have times where you cry, laugh, and hopefully not yell too much. Life is what you make it one day at time but let's change the perspective. Do you know your offspring are watching you to pave the way for them too. It requires pushing beyond even greater. Just try not to compare yourself with others. If you want to fail, then become complacent with overcoming your own battles daily.

As you look in the mirror, each day remind yourself of who you are on the surface and the inside. Do you ever take the time to think, our babies want to see us succeed as bad as we do? I am challenging each of you, to gracefully break old habits and cycles that prevent productivity in your life. Only you know the real struggles way down on the inside. If you abolish them today, you won't see them resurface in the future.  Do you understand the investment you are making?  I think you do!! What's next... 

It's never easy starting your life over.  In life we have cycles of pain, progress and even development.  A great way to remain humble is when you take time and reflect on your growth. As you begin to progress in life on a daily basis, it increases your sense of value and worthiness.  During your progress, remain productive in building key areas in your life in order to have a  well-rounded viewpoint towards the direction intended.

Once you are able to comprehend the vast amounts of knowledge life has invested in you, the need to reach your goals will become a mission.  It's okay. Your plans don't always work out as planned because failures are lessons to increase your capacity to pour back into others in life.  What are you willing to sacrifice to learn correctly?

Jewrine Brown, LPC, NPP

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