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Meet Jewrine

Trust your path and  learn from your mistakes, success will follow....


Jewrine Brown


Jewrine Brown, renowned as the "Down 2 Earth Counselor®," stands as a beacon of hope, understanding, and practical wisdom in the world of mental health and personal development. With a rich background of over 12 years in clinical practice, she operates as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Jewrine's educational journey includes a Master of Arts in Marriage and Family from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Fayetteville State University. Her licensure extends across North Carolina, South Dakota, and Vermont, highlighting her broad expertise and commitment to the field.


Her contribution to mental health is significant, underscored by her two consecutive nominations for the Boris Lawrence Henson Joy Award. Jewrine is also an accomplished author, with four books and a series of conversation starter cards to her name, all aimed at enhancing communication and understanding. These resources are available on Amazon, demonstrating her commitment to accessible mental health education. Beyond her writing, she actively engages in community services, including mentorship programs and parenting workshops, showcasing her dedication to community well-being. Additionally, Jewrine has exemplified her leadership skills during her two-year tenure as the chair of communications for LCCNC.


In her clinical work, Jewrine specializes in anxiety treatment, trauma care, and online counseling. She holds several certifications, including Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional, Clinically Certified Trauma Specialist-I, Board Certified Tele-Mental Health Provider, and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. Her practice spans across various demographics, providing support to children, teenagers, adults, couples, and families, focusing on transforming negative behaviors, thoughts, and emotions.


As the "Down 2 Earth Counselor®," Jewrine is celebrated for her approachable, understanding demeanor. Her practice is inclusive, catering to a diverse range of ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations, and is dedicated to empowering clients to achieve their personal and relationship goals.


For those seeking a compassionate and professional counselor to help navigate life's complexities, Jewrine Brown offers tailored support, guiding clients towards achieving their objectives, one step at a time.

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