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Meet Jewrine

Trust your path and  learn from your mistakes, success will follow....


Jewrine Brown


Jewrine Brown is the proud parent of two boys Andrew (15) and Derrick (20). She was raised in Dallas, Texas, but is a native of Buffalo, New York. Jewrine has resided in Fayetteville, North Carolina for 17 years, where she currently works as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. Ms. Brown is known as the “Down to Earth Counselor”, for her effective and safe approach to communicating with her audiences. This has allowed her to reach a wide array of demographics. Jewrine graduated from Liberty University in 2011 with a Masters of Arts Degree with a concentration in Marriage and Family. She received a Bachelor’s of Science from Fayetteville State University in 2007. In addition to working as a Clinical Counselor, she is a talented speaker and trained as a Nurturing Parenting Program Facilitator & Connections Matter Facilitator in collaboration with Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina. Ms. Brown is also the Founder of the “You Win Today Challenge”, and the Brand Ambassador for the F.A.Y.R. app - (Family Advocacy is Your Responsibility). Jewrine created the “You Win Today Challenge” based on her use of the FAYR app. She quickly realized that successes among positive co-parenting relationships were tied directly to the level of communication and respect shown towards each other. Thus the “YWTC” was born. This respectful level of communication ultimately helped her navigate the trials and tribulations co-parenting can bring, one-step at a time, every single day.


Ms. Brown is also the proud owner of “I Do Care Counseling & Consulting Services, PLLC”, where she provides clinical counseling in the state of North Carolina. In the last ten years, Jewrine has cultivated a wide range of experiences, from working with children, teens, and adults, to couples, and families. Jewrine has served her community by providing assistance to two local mentorship programs (prior to COVID-19). She has committed her time to Cumberland County Community Collaborative, where she served as 2nd Co-Chair for a total of two years. Ms. Brown, also provided support for one year alongside Licensed Professional Counselors Association of North Carolina where she served as the Communication Chair. Ms. Brown has a huge heart for single parents, therefore she provided free Community Based Parenting Workshops on a monthly basis for three years (prior to COVID-19). Ms. Brown truly enjoys training and teaching others on the value of embracing your "truth” and the importance of embracing their journey of resilience. Most important, Ms. Brown serves her local church as a devoted member.

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