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Building After Trauma

There is not one person in the world that can claim to know everything about life.

However, everyone has a world-view that is defined as a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world. Once you experience an event that is deeply distressing or

disturbing, it can impact your life in a variety of ways. Everyone has problems, but we all

manage life-stress in different ways. It can feel like everything is piling up on you at one

time. It may even seem overwhelming during that time in your life. The process of

emotional recovery can also appear daunting, but it's very possible. I want to let you

know that if you have experienced the pain associated with being impacted by a

traumatic incident, you are not alone. 

You mustn’t be ashamed to ask for help!  Most people don't like feeling vulnerable. It’s

defined as needing special care, support or protection. However, if you want to find a

solution to the root cause, it may require sharing your special needs. Always try your best! Always remain open to seeking the right level of support, especially afterexperiencing trauma. Since there are many types of trauma, I will address the issue from a general perspective. Most individuals may feel discouraged, powerless, or even

inhibited within their emotions.


As you are forced to look at your current circumstances, always remember your life is

not trash! It requires: picking up the broken pieces one day at a time, remaining actively

engaged during the recovery process and also building your endurance one day at a

time to reach your goals. If you are struggling with the clarity on the steps to take, seek

assistance from a trained professional or spiritual guidance. Always remember, you are

not alone! Everyone has issues in life. I think we have lived long enough to understand

the danger in immediate gratification and a lack of commitment to identify the

solutions.  I know this may seem harsh, especially if you were not at fault! In spite of

the Facts of Life, you are obligated to re-build after the trauma affects your life. 


Life can become a very hard pill to swallow when your decisions come full circle.

However, the pill can become unable to swallow, if you don't make the effort to stand up

to the challenges you’re facing in life. As mentioned before, this may seem harsh,

especially if you were not at fault! I implore you to stay focused on the long range goal

one day at a time.

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