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Facing Transition

As we face upcoming transition as a Nation is an understatement. However, one thing for certain is everyone has concerns about the impacts (COVID-19) will have on their daily life. In the midst of uncertainty a few key factors that can greatly effect your state of mind is how you emotionally prepare as an individual.

Oftentimes, when situations occur that are traumatic it's important to remember to implement coping skills to combat the stress you may feel at the moment. For instance, everyone is facing the same uncomfortable experience at the same time. However, creating techniques and strategies that assist you with managing the adjustment  during the process of change is taking charge of your life in the midst of uncertainty.

If you are a parent, consider your child(ren) is also experiencing stress. I recommend sitting down as a family to discuss the expectations in the home environment while school is not in session. I also highly recommend creating a space in the day to address your own mental health well-being (positive coping skills) so you can remain effective to meet  the expectations during the upcoming transitions to lead/guide your family.

For instance, create a system for your child(ren) to follow regarding meal planning and completing virtual homework. 1. Set a consistent time everyone will eat meals in the home.  2. Set clear boundaries on the daily menu  so you don't run out of supplies in advance. 3. Set a time to cook meals in advance, so you will have plenty time to assist with the virtual homework.

Jewrine Brown, LCMHC, THTC,NPP

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