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Self-Determination vs Self-Comparison

Be aware of the danger in comparing yourself to another person to validate your feelings of self-worth. Self-comparison is an ineffective tool that is often used to determine a person(s) social and personal worth, with the intent to validate his or her feelings of self-worth.

However, this is a very dangerous habit to develop, which usually creates feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, and reinforces a negative self-concept as an individual. Life is a transformational process. It requires consistent engagement during every stage of the process.I understand, being impacted by emotional disturbing or distressing experiences, can alter the way a person can view progress in his or her life. In the midst, it is very important to create consistent strategies that will self-monitor your thoughts and emotional reactions, which will ultimately reinforce your feelings of self-worth without comparison.

For instance, a person that has been impacted by an emotional trauma can often experience excessive feelings of frustration, depending on the level of overlapping issues in their life. During the process, self-comparison can become an easy habit to develop for some individuals. Therefore, remaining trauma-informed, as an individual, is essential to rebuild emotional clarity, a healthier self-concept, and effective communication skills during the entire process. If you know a person that has been impacted by emotional trauma, demonstrating genuine support will make a huge difference. Each person responds to emotional trauma in different ways, requires different levels of support, and exhibits resilience, based on his or her capacity to remain engaged during the entire recovery process.

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